Sangha Day Dharma Service

The Sangha Day, also called the Buddha’s joyful day, is in the seventh lunar month (July), the Sangha community had completed their summer retreat. 

According to the Ullambanapatra Sutra, when Maudgalyayana, a chief disciple of Sakyamuni Buddha, was unable to alleviate the suffering of his mother in the realm of hungry ghosts, the Buddha told him that the only way to deliver his mother from the pains of suffering is to rely upon the strength of monastics of all directions in their cultivation of meritorious virtues. The Buddha instructed his disciples to dedicate an elaborate offering of food and fruits to all Sangha members in the names of his parents from the past seven lifetimes as well as the present life because the practice of Sangha offering has the power to transform and deliver all sentient beings.

Thus, in the Buddhist tradition, one may cultivate tremendous merits by making offerings to the Sangha, and practice filial piety by dedicating the merits to their parents and ancestors, and to all the sentient beings. This is a very meaningful and meritorious act as it allows the Sangha to practice without obstructions and cultivate merits for ourselves and our ancestors.

Since the establishment of Fo Guang Shan Monastery, we have been active in propagating the Dharma and engaging in charity work, education programs to promote peace and harmony in society. It is only through the enthusiastic support of all our members that we can achieve our mission. To thank the kind supports of our devotees and Dharma friends, the Sangha Day Dharma Service and Sangha Offering Merit Dedication Service will be conducted every year in the seventh lunar month.