Chinese New Year Celebration Events

New Year’s Eve Dharma Service

“Farewell to the old past and welcomes the new future, ” on Chinese New Year’s Eve, longevity wishing “New Year’s Eve Dharma Service” will be held at the temple. The merits are dedicated to everyone to receive auspicious, peace and success in the new year. We also wish that our society will continue to be harmonious and the world will continue to be peaceful. All are welcome.

Chinese New Year Dharma Service

Includes: Pay Respect to One Thousand Buddhas and First Incense Offering of the Year

“Pay one homage to the Buddha, immeasurable merits will be generated.” Chanting the Buddha’s name once, transgressions will be eliminated as numerous as sands lying over the river floor. For this reason, the temple will be conducting the Chinese New Year Dharma Service. This is the opportunity for everyone to pray respect to a thousand Buddha during the Spring Festival, thus wishing all to have auspiciousness and endeavours to be fulfilled. The day’s activities will include ringing the auspicious bell, offering auspicious incenses and vegetarian food stalls.