Amitabha Buddha Chanting Retreat

Fo Guang Temple of Toronto will conduct the annual “Amitabha Buddha Chanting Retreat,” to celebrate Amitabha’s Birthday in the 11th lunar month. According to the sutras, “Reciting the Buddha’s name gains limitless merits; making a full bow to the Buddha eradicates endless unwholesome karma.” The merits of reciting the Buddha’s name are truly auspicious because it helps people realize their intrinsic Buddha-nature, eradicate defilements and be reborn to the Western Pure Land.


During the 3-day retreat, participants are encouraged to chant the Amitabha Sutra and recite the Buddha’s name as additional practice. The merits will be transferred to the departed loved ones of participants for rebirth into the Pure Land, and to wish world peace and good health of all humankind. All are welcome to attend and share in the joy of the Dharma.