How to donate?


1. Please select ☑ Share my name, ☑email address, and ☑donation details.
2. After completing the payment, please email your donation form and PayPal confirmation receipt to
3. Your tax receipt will be issued by PayPal Giving Fund.


1. Make a cheque payable to IBPS of Montreal
Mail your cheque to: 3831 Jean-Talon Street E., Montreal, QC H2A 1Y3
2. Email your donation registration form to


1. e-transfer to:
2. After completing the payment, please Email your donation form and eTransfer reference number to


  • To request for a tax receipt, please email your full nameaddress, and phone number to 
  • Note that the name on your tax receipt must be the same as the name on your cheque or eTransfer record.