About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to bond with our community.

Our story

FGS Montreal’s Hua Yan Temple was established in 1997, later moved to our current location in 2002. It is now located on the eastern side of the Montreal Metropolitan Region allowing the residents of this second largest city of Canada to study and practice Buddhism.
This facility includes a majestic Main Shrine, Five Contemplations Dining Hall, Water Dropping Tea Shop, Class Rooms, and a Library with over 1000 books, offering devotees places to calm and purify the body and mind.
FGS is the temple for all Bodhisattva, promoting worldly life before monastic life, liberating life before liberating death, living the life before pacifying the death, reducing self before expanding to other, combining both lay and monastic communities to participate in activities like Education, Culture, Charity, and Purification.
Temple activities start with weekly Dharma Service on Sunday, stage many Dharma lectures, Life lectures, Sutra study, Zen Meditation, Dharma study, and Cultural events and classes. On regular occasions, we accept school and community group visits, promoting cultivation and wholesomeness practice.
Our annual charity efforts include fundraising events with the Canadian Cancer Society, Montreal Children Hospital, Heart and Stroke Foundation, as well as visit to Montreal Chinese Hospital and Seniors Resident Centers, with the aim to shower the light of Buddha to all sentient beings.